Arogya Sri, 104, 108 were role models

Hyderabad, Dec 17,
2012: The Hyderabad based Centre for Economic and Social Studies (CESS) has
said that the Arogya Sri, 104 and 108 health services, innovatively introduced
by Dr. YSR during his regime, had become role model schemes for other states in
the country.

Making a special mention
of the schemes in its draft approach paper for the 12th five-year
plan, the Central-Government recognized institute has said the decision of Dr.
YSR to introduce the schemes was very adventurous.

“The schemes were
innovative and had become role model for other states, besides playing a key
role in protecting public health in Andhra Pradesh,” CESS said in its draft

The three highly
appreciated programmes were the brain children of Dr.YSR who introduced them
after gaining first hand information of the people’s problems during the Praja
Prasthanam Padayatra he undertook in 2003.

The three programmes,
effectively implemented by YSR keeping in mind the medical necessities of poor
and middle class people, were watered down by the Kiran Kumar Reddy-led
Government incurring the wrath of the people in the post-YSR period.

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