AP Mortgaged To Telangana By Babu

  • Babu has ignored the benefits of the state
  • Submission to KCR due to fear of Note for Vote
  • YS Jagan’s fight for the state’s rights
  • Relentless fight against people’s problems
  • YS Jagan only can develop the state: MLAs

Kurnool: The Jala Deeksha being staged by the leader of
opposition and YSRCP president YS Jagan in protest against the unlawful
construction of projects by Telangana Government has reached the third day. On
this occasion, MLAs, MPs, MLCs and other leaders of YSR Congress Party extended
their solidarity to the Jala Deeksha. They slammed the deceptive Government.

Mortgage to KCR

YSRCP MLA Ravindranath Reddy commented
that Chandrababu was seriously scared of speaking out loud about the unlawful
projects of Telangana, as he had been caught in Note for Vote case in that
state. He complained that Chandrababu had pocketed Rs.600 crore in the name of
Pattiseema lift irrigation scheme. He remarked that Chandrababu was not
concerned with people’s welfare and that all he was bothered was about power.
He reminded that Babu had backstabbed his own father-in-law for getting into
the CM’s seat. Ravidranath reddy stated that Chandrababu had now mortgaged the
state to KCR for getting out of Note for Vote case.

Unhindered corruption

YSRCP MLA Desai Tippareddy criticised Chandrababu’s silence
towards Telangana projects and stated that it was due to Chandrababu’s fear for
having to face inquiry in Note for Vote case. He complained that Babu had mortgaged
the future of the people of the state for his selfish means. He mentioned that
the people who had already suffered loss due to bifurcation were still pushed
into loss by the projects being built by Telangana. Tippareddy explained that
YS Jagan had taken up Jala Deeksha for preventing this. He specified that Babu
and his coterie had robbed Rs.2500 crore in the name of ‘Neeru-Chettu’
programme. He opined that Devineni Uma who had held agitation and raised
slogans to not provide water for Rayalaseema, did not deserve to continue as a

A relentless warrior

YSRCP MLA Korumutla Srinivasulu slammed Babu’s indifference to
the state being at the verge becoming a desert due to shortage of water. He
criticised that Chandrababu had mortgaged AP to Telangana and to the centre. He
acclaimed YS Jagan for taking the responsibility of the state’s welfare onto
his shoulders. He opined that only YS Jagan had the capability to work
relentlessly for the people of the state. He cautioned that Babu would be
taught a lesson in future by the people.

A leader of valour who went against Sonia Gandhi

YSRCP MLA Narayana Swamy commented
that there was nobody to question the unlawful construction of projects by
Telangana Government on Krishna and Godavari rivers. He proclaimed that not
even 1% of the character and credibility owned by YS Jagan was present with
Chandrababu. He reminded how Chandrababu had bought MLAs in Viceroy hotel and
backstabbed NTR. He acclaimed YSR to have been the leader who had put all
efforts for the welfare of every person in the state and introduced many
welfare schemes in that direction. He also praised YS Jagan as the cub that went
bravely against Sonia Gandhi and Congress party while they were still in power.
He called for the people of the state to fight for seeing YS Jagan as the CM.

He pleaded and evaded

Mangalagiri MLA Alla Ramakrishna Reddy acclaimed YS Jagan to be
the leader who worked for the welfare of the people. He commented that the
people of the state had been suffering under TDP rule since two years after
being deceived by the false promises of Chandrababu. He applauded YSR as the
leader who made sure everybody was provided with drinking water and every piece
of agricultural land was provided with irrigation water. On the other hand,
Chandrababu had to be credited for the drying up of Krishna and Godavari deltas
and for mortgaging the state’s benefits to the neighbouring states, mentioned
RK. He remarked that Chandrababu had secretly requested Chdambaram earlier and
now he had entered into compromise with KCR in the Note for Vote case at the
cost of the state and went on to hide in Vijayawada.

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