AP Dairy Being Shut Down For Heritage's Existence

  • Dairy farmers should be aided
  • Rs.100 crore should be allotted for AP dairy
  • YSRCP supports farmers' fight: Visweswar Reddy
Hyderabad: YSRCP's MLA of Uravakonda constituency, Visweswar Reddy complained that AP dairy was being shut down in order to save Heritage company from falling. He blamed Chandrababu for the crisis in dairy industry of the state. He demanded the sanction of Rs.1000 crore for AP dairy. He slammed dropping milk collection price three times in a month's time. He suggested the Government to not go against the welfare of the farmers and to come to their aid.
Visweswar Reddy criticised that Babu had been robbing dairy farmers in order to benefit his own company and certain private companies. He slammed the idea of imposition of VAT on cow urine. He assured that YSRCP would stay supportive of the farmers in their fight for welfare.

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