All the Classes at Loss Due To State’s Budget

 Prakasam: MP of Ongole constituency YV Subbareddy commented that the budget introduced by the state Government was just a magic of numbers. He complained that backward classes were not given any importance and women got nothing out of it. He questioned how that Government had declared there was development in agriculture while announcing that the agricultural product decreased. He criticized Velugonda Project being allotted Rs.200 crore in spite of its significance for drinking and irrigation water. He mentioned that at least the first stage would need Rs.1000 crore for completion.

 Subbareddy criticized the sanction of Rs.3512 crore for waiver of loans, adding it would not even be sufficient for interest on the loans. He also mentioned that the budget offered nothing for dwakra women. He stated that Silparamam and University of Mineral Sciences deserved to be funded but nothing was allotted for them. He exclaimed that there was no mention of veterinary university for the benefit of the district’s cattle industry or the development of Ongole breed. He expressed his displeasure towards the budget being announced in English language by finance minister Yanamala Ramakrishnudu so that the people would not understand it.

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