YS Jagan Invited To ATA Convention

Hyderabad: NRIs of USA
invited the leader of opposition and YSRCP president YS Jagan to attend the
upcoming ATA (American Telugu Association) convention as a guest. ATA’s President elect A.C.Karunakar Reddy
and coordinator Daggumati Kotireddy met YS Jagan at his residence on Saturday
and invited him to the convention to be held on the 1st, 2nd
and 3rd of July at Chicago. YS Jagan accepted the invitation and
promised the representatives of ATA to send a team on behalf of the party to
attend the event. Senior leaders of YSRCP Botsa Satyanarayana and Sajjala
Ramakrishna Reddy were presented at the time of invitation.

ఇదే వార్తాంశం తెలుగులో: http://bit.ly/1XZbJNM 

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