Telugus in Australia observe YSR Vardhanti

Melbourne, Sept 11, 2012: Telugus of Melbourne in Australia observed the third Vardhanti of late Chief Minister YSR on Sept 11, 2012 and paid rich tributes to the great visionary-leader.

The Telugus gathered at Medina hotel and remembered the services rendered by YSR to the people of AP in their speeches. The participants witnessed a special heart touching documentary on YSR ‘Maa Raaju’ compiled and presented by the Sakshi TV channel on the occasion.

Sri Ramana Reddy Kamjula, who welcomed the gathering, said he was still unable to digest the news that YSR was no more. He explained how YSR had robbed the hearts of millions of people through his welfare schemes.

“YSR was a great man, there was no one like him before, there will never be one like him again,” said Sri Ramana Reddy and others.

Jaydeesh and Nava Chaitanya Reddy, who also spoke, extolled the courage and leadership qualities shown by the great leader during his innings as Chief Minister and the way he implemented the dozens of welfare programmes in the state.

“Dr. YSR made their family of six siblings to a family of fifty million brothers and sisters with his love, affection, and caring by implementing welfare schemes and improving the living standards of poor and middle class people in the state,” they said, adding that Dr. YSR was both physically and mentally strong, caring, tough minded, intellectually curious and a born fighter.

While Shyam said a day would not pass for most of them without a thought of YSR and a tear dropping from their eyes, Pulla Reddy, Jeevan, Shiva and Prasad observed that Dr YSR was the only influential chief minister Andhra Pradesh ever had and no one can fill the vacuum left by him. 

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