YSRCP Will Restore Democracy In Assembly, Affirms YS Jagan

Amaravati: Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy affirmed that as ruling party YSRCP would restore the good parliamentary and democratic practices of the Andhra Pradesh Legislative Assembly which he said were undermined during the TDP government.

In his congratulatory speech after the unanimous selection of YSRCP legislator Tammineni Sitaram as the Speaker of the 15th Legislative Assembly of AP, YS Jagan launched a diatribe against the Leader of the Opposition N Chandrababu Naidu.

Listing out the numerous instances under the TDP government and during the tenure of former speaker Kodela Sivaprasad, YS Jagan alleged that they had conducted the Assembly in blatant violation of democratic and parliamentary norms. He pointed to the sordid episode when 23 of YSRCP MLAs in Opposition had crossed over to the ruling TDP without being disqualified. The repeated requests from their side to disqualify the turncoats and the decision to move a no-confidence were also ignored, he added.

Promising that there would be complete contrast in the way Assembly sessions would be held under its government, he remarked: “There will be no difference between them (TDP) and us (YSRCP) if we were to indulge in such (undemocratic) practices. We will ensure that the constitutional and democratic values are upheld through this Assembly.”

The Chief Minister said the YSRCP’s victory was aided by god’s grace as against the uncorrupt and undemocratic practices of the TDP government. “They had engineered defections and taken 23 out of 63 MLAs when we were in Opposition. Similarly, three of our MPs were illegally snatched way. God’s script is so beautiful that they are now left with 23 MLAs and three MPs,” he quipped.

Promises against defections

YS Jagan asserted that his party and government would not engineer any defections from Opposition camp. He said even if it were to happen, the YSRCP would get the particular MLA to tender his resignation and get him reelected on their party ticket in complete accordance with the established norms.

“In case if any MLA crosses over to the treasury benches, I request the Speaker to disqualify them immediately,” he requested the Speaker. 

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