YSRCP Bans TV5  

Hyderabad: The YSR Congress Party announced that none of its leaders will attend any programmes or debates conducted by TV5 channel which is heavily slanted in favour of Chandrababu Naidu and the TDP in its coverage of news.

The party leadership issued directives to this effect on Friday. YSRCP has also written to TV5 management not to invite spokespersons from the party in view of the channel's pronounced partisan coverage.

The YSRCP also stated that TV5 will not be invited to any of its party press conferences or other programmes. TV5 was a prime example of how a television channel was blatantly one-sided in the guise of independent journalism.

It was the YSRCP's objective to expose the absence of neutrality in such media outlets. This was the prime reason why it decided to distance itself from TV5.

It may be recalled that this was the second such channel after ABN Andhra Jyothy.

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