Stay Where You Are, Stay Safe: YS Jagan

Amaravathi: Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy said that the lockdown imposed to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus virus has put the state in such a position, that does not allow Andhra people from Telangana, into their own state. He made it clear that the coronavirus outbreak could be brought under control only if those people stayed wherever they were. He made a fervent appeal to the people once again not to move from where they presently were staying for the next three weeks. He assured that the Telangana CM KCR has made sure that our people living in Hyderabad would not suffer. "If there is any emergency, call 1902, we will come to you", he said.


With just discipline, we can win over the novel deadly coronavirus. If neglected, it will be something we will end up paying for. That is why some tough decisions have to be made, he said. Speaking further YS Jagan said that yesterday, we had to allow 44 people into the state on humanitarian grounds. These individuals have been placed under quarantine. Similar situations arose at a few other places in the state today as well. Once a person moves from one place to another, the task of contact tracing can become extremely difficult. When people remain confined to their homes without moving, it becomes easy to trace them and more possible to contain the spread of the infection.


The Chief Minister noted that about 80.9% of coronavirus cases are healed just by staying at home. 14% require hospitalisation, while 4.9% require intensive care. Stating that people above 60 years of age and ailing with other complications such as diabetes and blood sugar are more susceptible to coronavirus. Sharing details regarding the coronavirus situation in Andhra Pradesh, the Chief Minister informed that 10 positive cases have been reported so far. “We need to stand together to ensure that the cases don’t increase in number. As many as 27,819 foreign returnees have been tracked and kept under surveillance.


“We thank the village volunteers and health assistants who are at the front-line of the battle against the virus. Self-control is essential. Everyone should practice social distancing. We are setting up four COVID-19 specialty hospitals. 450 ICU beds in COVID-19 specialty hospitals and 200 Isolation beds for quarantine will be given in each district,” he added.


There is no shortage of necessities or essential commodities in the state,he stated further. We are expanding farmer's bazaars at a radius of 2to 3 km and people can purchase essentials between 6 a.m. to 1 p.m. Those who go to work on the farm must also practice social distancing, YS Jagan suggested. The Chief Minister also said that the Panchayat Raj and Municipal Departments have been ordered to focus on maintaining sanitation in villages and towns in the state. He concluded the address by appealing to the people to stay wherever they were, to stay safe and avoid travelling during these 21 days, till 14 April.

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