Samajika Sadhikara Yatra in Mydukur

Deputy CM Amzath Basha: CM Jagan evolved social empowerment from a mere slogan to policy, did what no one could since 75 years of Independence

Welfare Impact: Rs 12,061 crore given to people in Kadapa, with Rs 7,984 crore directly benefiting BC, ST, SC, & minorities

The Samajika Sadhikara Yatra held in Mydukur, YSR Kadapa district, today, achieved resounding success as thousands of people from across the constituency wholeheartedly participated in the bus yatra. The event included a bike rally along the KC Canal, culminating in a massive public meeting on Proddatur Road. The public meeting was led by local MLA Settipally Raghurami Reddy, where prominent party leaders, including MP Avinash Reddy, Deputy CMs Amjad Basha and K Narayana Swamy, Health Minister Vidadala Rajani, and MLC Ramesh Yadav, alongside representatives from various corporations, marked their attendance.

Deputy Chief Minister K Narayana Swamy, hailing from the Dalit community, passionately spoke about his journey from being an illiterate and poor child to becoming the Deputy CM under CM Jagan's tenure. In an emotional address, he stated, 'Isn't it laudable that a person like me, belonging to the Dalit community, who was illiterate and poor, has today become the Deputy Chief Minister of the state. This is the kind of transformational change our Chief Minister, CM Jagan, has made.'

He underscored the transformative impact of CM Jagan Mohan Reddy's administration on the BC, SC, ST, and minority communities. Narayanaswamy further criticized the previous Chandrababu Naidu-led government and accused him of neglecting and insulting marginalized communities while CM Jagan elevated the social and economic status of the poor and weaker sections.

Thereafter, Deputy Chief Minister Amjad Basha spoke at length about the social justice brought by CM Jagan. Calling CM Jagan a revolutionary leader who eradicated historical injustice, he remarked, 'In the last 75 years since the country's independence, nobody has been able to do what CM Jagan did after gaining power. Under CM Jagan's regime, social empowerment evolved from a mere slogan to a policy.' Basha further highlighted the unity of SC, ST, BC, and minority leaders under Chief Minister Jagan's regime, which is a stark contrast to Chandrababu's government. He ended his speech by stating that it is the responsibility of the public to support CM Jagan and re-vote him to power in 2024 as he has done monumental governance, especially contributing specifically to the upliftment of the minority community.

Adding to it, Health Minister Vidadala Rajini underscored the development brought by CM Jagan's government and its impact on the growth of Kadapa. She went on to cite the establishment of 17 new medical colleges and revolutionary changes in the medical field through Nadu-Nedu. 'Under CM Jagan AP brought about the revolutionary Family doctor concept, screened and treated crores of people under Jagananna Aarogya Suraksha, built 17 new medical colleges, and brought about significant changes in the healthcare infrastructure through Nadu-Nedu,' she said. She further outlined the extensive reach of welfare schemes, including ArogyaSri, Amma Vodi, Vidya Deevena, YSR Rythu Bharosa, Free Crop Insurance, Pension Kanuka, YSR Cheyutha, YSR Asara, etc. Minister

Besides, MLA Raghurami Reddy urged people to reflect on the positive changes brought about in the past four and a half years under CM Jagan's leadership. He compared the current Chief Minister's inclusive approach to TDP supremo Chandrababu's neglect of SC, ST, BC, and minorities in his cabinet. Raghurami Reddy highlighted that 70 percent of ministerial posts were allocated to the backward communities. He further said that in the last 53 months, Rs 12,061 crore have been disbursed to people in Kadapa district through welfare schemes, out of which Rs. 7,984.48 crore have been provided to BC, SC, ST, and minority communities directly through DBT.

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