Rs 5,800 cr loss for state with delay in elections

Amaravati: Lambasting Opposition leader, YSRCP MLA Ambati Rambabu said Naidu was behind postponing the local body elections by which the state has lost Rs 5,800 crore central funds.

Ambati Rambabu flayed the state election commissioner Nimmagadda Ramesh Kumar for using coronavirus as the reason to postpone elections. It was not appropriate to use coronavirus as a reason to postpone the elections as there was no virus effect in the state, he said while speaking to media here on Sunday. The state could have received Rs 5,800 crore if the elections have conducted as per the schedule.

The state election commission instead of abiding the constitutional rules has taken the decision to favour the opposition party and Naidu by whom Ramesh Kumar was appointed in 2016. Moreover, Ramesh Kumar has misused power in several instances during the elections process. It is evident that Naidu who is known for managing the system is behind the conspiracy, he added.

Previously, there are several instances where the elections have not canceled for big issues. How can the elections be canceled that way? Whom did they consult to cancel the elections? He questioned and added that Naidu was infected with the caste virus which is why he conspired to cancel the elections.

Rambabu emphasized that the YSRCP would win elections whenever elections are conducted. The party is not worried about the elections, but the concern is the development projects should not be halted with the delay of local body elections. He asked the election commission to consider all these issues and rethink on the postpone of elections.

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