Jagan prepares cadre for 2024 polls

 Amaravati : YSR Congress Party president and Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy sounded the poll bugle for the 2024 elections, by aggressively attacking the opposition parties at the Party Plenary and asked people to support for a clean sweeping of the Assembly seats
In his concluding speech of the Plenary here on Saturday, the Chief Minister gave a call to the cadre to be battle-ready for securing all 175 seats and termed that mission 175 is not impossible as the party had already swept Kuppam in all local body elections by winning the hearts of people. He urged the cadre to take forward the welfare initiatives taken in the last three years to every household and urged them to swell up the current number of 151 seats, by actively highlighting the deceptive maneuver of opposition TDP and the ‘band of thieves’. 
Taking liberal comparisons from the Mahabharata, the Chief Minister asked people to play the role of Arjuna to defeat Kauravasena. He also cautioned them that if the YSRC lost power, the welfare schemes benefiting crores of people in the state will be stopped by the opposition parties, which was already indicated through yellow media. He stated that the opposition will be on the swing with evil conspiracies against the government and numerous fake promises to lure people ahead of the elections and told the cadre to alert people regarding the opposition’s sly tactics for securing power.
In a scathing attack, the Chief Minister once again made clear that a true leader will have empathy towards people, but not arrogance, and commented that Chandrababu doesn’t have a ‘Chip’ to be empathetic towards the poor and reminded that one should have it in mind and heart. Unlike Chandrababu who used weaker sections at the time of elections, YSRCP stood by them and strengthened them by empowering them socially, economically, and politically by committing to social justice. On this occasion, he also reminded that Chandrababu who had served as a Chief Minister for 14 years had appealed to the government to make Kuppam a Revenue Division, to which the government obliged as it does good for the people.
Reminiscing the three-year YSRCP Government rule, Jagan Mohan Reddy said that 95 percent of the poll promises made in the manifesto were fulfilled by taking the governance to the village level for transparent, corruption-free implementation of welfare schemes and government initiatives. Unlike the previous government, which couldn’t keep the promises given to the people and neglected education, health, agriculture, and women's welfare, the current government had directly credited Rs 1.62 lakh crore through DBT under various welfare schemes, he said and elaborated the welfare schemes that are being provided by his government touching every section of the society.
He recalled the journey of strengthening YSRCP, thanked the party workers for their support over the years, and assured them that he would continue to take their responsibility in the coming days as well.

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