Compensation distributed, Chandrababu damaging brand Vizag


Visakhapatnam: Compensation was distributed to the gas leak affected people who were discharged from hospitals while YSRCP tore into Chandrababu for trying to damage brand Vizag by his false propaganda.

As many as 282 people who were injured during a gas leak from the LG Polymers plant at RR Venkatapuram were given compensation as announced by the State government on Wednesday. The State will soon set up YSR Village clinic with 15-bed capacity to serve the people of the affected villages.

A group of ministers comprising Kurasala Kannababu, Muttamsetti Srinivasa Rao, and Party General Secretary and Member of Parliament Vijay Sai Reddy handed over the compensation cheques to those who were discharged from King George Hospital. People who were put on ventilators received Rs 10 lakh, those who were treated for more than two days were given Rs one lakh and those with minor injuries received Rs 25,000. 

Addressing the media Minister Kannababu said, as per the decision of Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy, Rs 1 crore was deposited in the account of the legal heirs. 

 “Like never before, our Chief Minister has come forward in support of the victims to pay the compensation in such a short span. Besides compensating, the State government has also come up with long term development plans for these affected villages by setting up village clinics and providing safe drinking water. The state government has appointed the special medical team consisting of 10 experts to monitor long-term health issues of the villagers.”

Thirteen thousand tonnes of styrene monomer left unused in five storage tanks are being sent back to South Korea. 

Meanwhile, MP Vijay Sai Reddy said that during TDP rule, Chandrababu gave permission for the expansion of LG Polymers and today he is accusing the State government with false allegations with the sole intention of damaging brand Vizag. 

Sitting in Hyderabad he has been speaking through his hat on gas leak incident but is silent on GO 203 and did not open his mouth on an issue of State interstate.

“While he has never paid exgratia of this quantum during his term, now he has been talking tall on the compensation issue', he said.

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