Chandrababu humiliates dalits

Amaravati: Bapatla MP Nandigam Suresh slammed Chandrababu Naidu for being anti-dalit and for making them scapegoats by offering losing seats while giving winning seats to his community.  

Speaking to media here on Wednesday, he said, Chandrababu fielding Varla Ramaiaha in ensuing Rajya Sabha polls shows that he is again making the dalit leader a scapegoat as TDP has just 21 loyal MLAs in the house of 175 members and there is no chance of winning the seat. 

Ramaiah was cheated on an earlier occasion and was called back by Chandrababu Naidu telling him that he is not the candidate as promised earlier.  In 2016 he ditched another dalit leader JR Pushpa Raj depriving him of the seat when there was a winning chance. Chandrababu gives priority to his community and fields them on winning occasions and uses dalits for political gains, he said. 

The people have come to know about Naidu’s attitude very well. Had it been a winning seat, he would have fielded his son Nara Lokesh but has pitted Varla Ramaiah as it is a losing seat. 

Such incidents are evident to say that Naidu is an opportunist which is why senior leaders from TDP are leaving the Party and joining YSRCP after facing the humiliation

He appealed to the dait leaders in TDP to wake up and see the reality which is in the open and how they are being treated in the Party. 

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