Chandrababu caught red-handed in data theft 

Senior YSR Congress party leader Ambati Rambabu

Hyderabad: Senior YSR Congress party leader Ambati Rambabu lashed out at Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu saying he was caught red-handed in the data theft case revolving around the IT Grids India Private Limited, which is at the centre of this massive scam. If Chandrababu is really honest, why doesn’t he come clean and cooperate with the ongoing investigation?, he asked.

Addressing the media here at Hyderabad in the central office of the party on Thursday, the official spokesperson of the party challenged Chandrababu to face a probe in the matter. The data theft scam proved conclusively that TDP had lost the confidence of the people. Therefore, it was resorting to such dubious methods as manipulation of electoral rolls by mining data containing personal information of citizens of Andhra Pradesh.  The TDP knows that it cannot win an election through straightforward means and hence it was indulging in activities violative of the Constitution. Chandrababu Naidu was methodically undermining institutions and destroying democracy in Andhra Pradesh, Ambati said. Data theft was yet another aspect of the dangerous nature of his rule, which included lies and deception all along, he pointed out.

The official spokesman of YSRCP wondered whether anybody would give Chandrababu Naidu two votes even if he was an ardent supporter of his. When Chandrababu Naidu was questioned on these dubious tactics, he is resorting to the time-tested technique of offence is the best form of defence and blaming the YSR Congress party and its president, YS Jagan Mohan Reddy for this. Ambati questioned whether the YSRCP had ever indulged in horsetrading of MLAs.  It was the TDP which indulged in this unconstitutional practice brazenly, Ambati said. Not only did he lure 23 MLAs of the YSRCP, but made four of them ministers in his cabinet, he pointed out.

Another fact which reflected the growing discontent of the people with the ruling TDP was the eagerness with which its important leaders sought to join the YSR Congress party, Rambabu observed. 

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