Arrest Chandrababu, demands Nandigam Suresh

Amaravati: Demanding the arrest of Chandrababu Naidu for engineering repeated attacks on him, Baptala MP Nandigama Suresh said that the Opposition leader has a history laden with vindictive politics, political murders and the increased aggression of the attacks reflects the fear of TDP leadership after the SIT was ordered to probe into the irregularities in land pooling and insider trading.
Speaking to media here on Monday, he said, Chandrababu Naidu has been placing women in the forefront as a shield while Party workers are carrying out the attacks on one hand and from the other side TDP friendly media has been trumpeting their cause distorting facts by giving a contrasting picture.
Unless Chandrababu Naidu and son Lokesh are arrested and the sponsored agitations, pre-meditated attacks are stopped and the misplaced arrogance of the Chandrababu and his community is checked, chalk and cheese cannot be separated. When my staff, who were attacked along with me on Sunday, were going to complain to a Police Station and 300-strong mob attacked them injured them again. The investors and those involved in the inside trading are sponsoring the attacks and this situation should be controlled with immediate effect, he said.
‘If elected representatives are stopped and attacked by mob, armed with chilli powder, using filthy language and such situations are not checked forthwith by taking stringent measures, including the arrest of the perpetrators of the agitation, the message that goes out will different. Earlier when they attacked me, I told unequivocally that next time, if they attack me, Chandrababu Naidu will be responsible and it is his wont and I have suffered at the hands of TDP while they were in power ‘he said.
‘’Chandrababu Naidu is bothered only about his community and its real estate business and does not want harijans or other castes any way closer to them and they think all others are only to serve them while they are the ruling class. Some person from the USA calls me at very late in the night speaks filthy language and threatens me,’’ he said and presented audio visual recording of the attack where the mob shouted to spray chilli powder on the MP and his staff were jostled by the agitators who were shouting pro Amravathi and pro Chandrababu Naidu slogans.
Similar attacks were carried out against our Party MLAs and it is evident that they are all sponsored and TDP leadership is behind the agitation.
‘Being elected representatives, we are not here to dance to the agitators tunes and chant their slogans. The mob was shouting Jai Amaravati, Jai Chandrababu Naidu, which shows that he has engineered the attacks. We have every right to move freely in the state and there should be an end to these obstructions, ’he said.
Chandrababu Naidu is the sole reason for the suffering of Amaravati farmers. It is evident that Naidu is going with these attacks to divert the public from his scandals which are going to come out in SIT investigation.


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