AP Govt Issues E-passes For Movement Of Essential Goods


AMARAVATI: In the wake of the lockdown, the Andhra Pradesh government has introduced an (Emergency) e-pass system in the state to facilitate the manufacturing and transport of essential goods. The government has made it clear that all essential goods companies and suppliers can avail the e-pass by applying online. These passes will be issued under the supervision of District Joint Collector.


The state government will issue e-passes to the people who send in an application via mail or phone. Passes will be issued to 20% of employees or at least 5 people from each factory in manufacturing and shipping companies and factories of essential commodities, with subject to regulations.


However passes will not be issued to those who work in government offices. People who travel to buy necessities should venture out in accordance with government regulations which is from 6 am- 11 am. The state government said that vehicles or persons will be allowed to travel only after their e-passes are checked with the help of a QR code scanner at the police checkposts. Governmnet made it clear that there is adequate mechanisms for police to check e-passes at the checkpoints.


The government warned that forgery, or any other misuse of the e-passes is a punishable offence under the 2005-NMDA Act and the Indian Penal Code. 

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