Act Against Anyone Who Refuses COVID-19 Testing, Alla Nani Orders Police


AMARAVATI: Andhra Pradesh Deputy Chief Minister and Incharge of Health Portfolio Alla Nani directed the police to act tough against the family members of Coronavirus infected persons, if they do not cooperate for medical examination. The deputy CM gave these directions during a review meeting he held with officials at the Eluru municipal office on Saturday.


As part of his instructions to the officials, Nani also stressed the need for quick quarantining of COVID-19 suspects without any delay. “People living in the close proximity of COVID-19 affected persons should also be alerted forthwith. Those areas should be declared as red zones,” the minister ordered.


"The police, on their part, should constantly maintain a vigil and medical teams, along with doctors, should take adequate care to ensure faster recovery of COVID-19 patients to avoid further spread of the pandemic,” Nani felt.


Nani asked authorities to install check posts in all the red zone areas and appoint a Special Officer to each zone. “Enough care should be taken in the red zones to make sure that people in these areas strictly remain at home adhere to the home quarantining guidelines to break the chain of the virus spread,” the minister said.


Nani said that a special survey lines team would be assigned to Eluru constituency to monitor the situation from time to time and to keep track of the COVID-19 spread in the constituency.

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