YSRCP opposes Land Acquisition Ordinance

Guntur: The YSRCP by boycotting the ‘All Member meet of Zilla Parishad’ in Guntur seriously opposed the Land Acquisition Ordinance. The Macherla MLA Pinnelli Ramakrishna Reddy, Bapatla MLA Kona Raghupathi, YSRCP ZP Floor Leader Devella Revati and YSRCP ZPTC’s & MPP’s have participated in this meeting. The discussion was mainly focused on the Land Pooling and Land Acquisition in the Capital Region.

The Mangalagiri MLA Alla Ramakrishna Reddy (RK) made it clear that they are not against the Capital Formation but against to the Land Pooling System. He said that farmers who were willing have given their lands but it is brutal to take away lands from those who are not willing, he said. He expressed sorrow that the Government has released GO 166 against the farmers who thought they will lose in Land Pooling System and approached courts.

It is becoming evident by the distribution of land that the farmers have given the lands by fearing the Government threats, yet the Government boasts that the farmers have willingly given 33,400 acres. He also reminded that the government has not yet announced about the justice to the farm workers and people dependent on agriculture works in the Capital area. Also stressed that YSRCP will fight for justice on behalf of the farmers. He questioned whether this Land Acquisition Ordinance is to benefit the Real Estate Business. When YSRCP demanded voting in the Assembly for Land Pooling System, fearing the outcome Chandrababu has decided to go with Land Pooling. He announced that if the Government lifts the Land Pooling System they will support for the Capital. He also questioned about the Loan Waiver for the Farmers in Capital area announced by the Minister Narayana, which was not done till now. It would be wise if capital was constructed in the lands given by the farmers willfully, he said. When the MLA demanded resolution in the meeting to oppose the Land acquisition Ordinance and the GO, Minister Prattipati Pullarao and ZP Chair person Shaik jani moon have declined it. With this the YSRCP members tore the copies of GO 166 and boycotted the meeting. 
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