YS Jagan;s strike is a silent protest

Guntur: The support for YS Jagan's hungers strike to get the special status for Andhra Pradesh  is increasing day by day. It is raising a curtain for a quiet revolution in the minds of people in the four directions of Andhra Pradesh.

Initially, the hunger strike initiated by the Leader of Opposition, YSRCP leader Jagan is considered as a public fight. But, quite clearly people are able to understand the need and  getting special status as an elixir, and only one party is fighting for it which is the YSRCP. Especially, getting the special status to our state is our right and not on the mercy of Government. Though  this is our right is known, still Chandrababu Naidu is not taking any right step to get the special status, as he is only concentrating about the way he should come out  

At present, people from different corners of Andhra Pradesh are approaching the stadium where the strike is taking place. People are giving immense support to the leader. By now he left parties also stated their opinions and support to the movement.  CPI(M) state secretary Madhu himself visited the camp and expressed solidarity towards the strike. As a part of supporting the protest, the CPI secretary, Ramakrishna questioned Naidu and demanded to give clarity on the special status. The MRPS Chief Manda krishna met Jagan and shared his support to him. The farmers' associations and the public, especially youth groups, voluntary associations with the protest, expressed their solidarity. 


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