YS Jagan’s Jala Deeksha For The People And Their thirst

  • A movement to
    alleviate the problems of the people
  • Demand for protection
    of need for irrigation water and drinking water
  • An agitation to awaken
    the rulers

Hyderabad: Rulers of upstream areas are competitively building projects and
lift irrigation schemes in the name of current local situations. Prominently,
projects are being constructed on River krishna in the states of Telangana,
Karnataka and Maharashtra. Telangana Government is quickly making arrangements
for the construction of recently-taken up Palamuru-Rangareddy and Dindi lift
irrigation schemes. If these projects are completed, downstream areas
Rayalaseema, Guntur, Nellore and Prakasam districts as well as Nalgonda and
Khammam districts of Telangana will have to suffer serious scarcity of
irrigation and drinking water.

The Government of AP
is responsible for preventing such a dreadful situation. When 7-8 districts of
the state are in the verge of being dried up, it has to act right away. But
Chandrababu, having been caught in Note for Vote case, is scared of raising his
voice. He chose to ignore the public benefit. He resorted to employ the yellow
media to divert the attention of the people from his failure.

YSRCP has recognised
this deception and chosen to fight for the people, being a responsible
opposition party. It has appealed to the centre for holding back the unlawful
upstream projects from being carried on. It has met Governor Narasimhan and
submitted a memorandum. The leader of opposition and YSRCP president YS Jagan
is going on a hunger strike in the name of ‘Jala Deeksha’ at Kurnool from the
16th to the 18th of this month in order to remind the
rulers of their duty. In solidarity to this strike, YSRCP leaders and activists
are staging agitation on the 17th of this month at all mandal

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