YS Jagan Is The Protagonist Of The Present Telugu Politics

Hyderabad: The speech delivered by the leader of opposition and YSRCP president YS Jagan in the general body meeting held at Vijayawada has attracted the youth. Particularly, the mention of cinematic words in his speech have been a topic of discussion in social media.
YS Jagan is trying to elaborately explain the ongoing political scenario in the state to the people. He is apparently trying to include the youth and the students in his target audience. He is speaking more about Chandrababu's corruption and incompetence. He is bringing to the notice of the people how YSRCP has been fighting against them.
In the recent speeches, he has been citing examples from the movies. Particular mention is being done about how usually antagonists seem to have the upper hand initially but how ultimately protagonists win. He is talking about how the atrocities committed by antagonists or villains are exposed and how they are defeated by the protagonists. The Telugu-speaking youth, who are naturally lovers of the cinema, are being attracted to such speeches.
Discussion is happening on the social media about this. YS Jagan is being described as the protagonist of reality politics scenario. People are carefully observing how he is fighting against Chandrababu, the antagonist. They are admiring the hero of the Telugu politics of the present day.

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