Yellow Leaders Swallowing Acres Of 'Unknown'

  •  Defects in revenue records
  • Lands belong to whoever's name the officers write
  • Ruling party leaders successfully swallowing lands

Hyderabad: It would be surprising to know that the Government is unable to find the owners of many lands throughout the state. Lakhs of acres of lands with thousands of survey numbers in hundreds of villages are puzzling the revenue department which is wondering if they belong to the Government or the endowments or private people. Land records 1B and Adangal should have the owners' names across the survey numbers and land area columns, maintained by the revenue department. But in AP's revenue records, lakhs of survey numbers have information missing. The owner's name is filled as 'unknown'. The Government-boasted 'Mee Bhoomi' website also reveals the same.

TDP leaders' mafia

The lands with 'unknown' owners are nicely being occupied by the leaders of the ruling party. They are then bringing pressure on the revenue department officials to replace 'unknown' with their names on the 1B and the Adangal records. A huge number of lands have already been swallowed by the yellow leaders and revenue records and mee bhoomi website information have been altered accordingly. The remaining lands of the 'owner unknown' category should at least be preserved.

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