Yellow ghost shadow on Poor’s health..!

Government Hospitals in Corporate hands

Chittoor Government Hospital handed to Apollo

Medical Treatment is going to cost the lives of the poor, because they cannot afford it anymore. Chandrababu is making the lives of the poor miserable by handing over Government Hospitals to Corporate’s. In the name of development the Chittoor Government Hospital which has decades of history was given on 5 year lease to Apollo Hospitals. Chandrababu is planning to gradually handover all the Government hospitals in the State to private sector. He is making the lives of the poor in-secured by snatching away the affordability of medical treatment from them.

The ruling party boasted that it will renovate the Government Hospitals at par with Corporate Hospitals but now they are handing over them to Corporates and escaping from their responsibility. The Chittoor Government Hospital which spans across 17.23 acres, is valued at Rs.200 crores and which treats five lakh outpatients every year was given just like that to Apollo, this is raising suspicions that huge kickback was given to the yellow leaders.

The Government Hospital which was giving some confidence to the poor at least with the mediocre services provided there, but giving it away to Apollo for Medical College is something which is enraging the people of the District. Just by spending Rs.50 crores the hospital building can be renovated, latest equipment can be procured and medical staff also can be appointed. The public is questioning how the property worth Rs.200 crores can be given to the Corporates? The public is severely furious on the Government’s atrocity on the poor.

The authorities themselves were telling that from next year when the Hospital goes into the hands of Apollo, for every treatment ‘user charges’ will be levied. If this system continues not only it becomes difficult for the poor but all the Doctors, Nurses and Para-medical staff will have to work under Corporate Rolls. At the same time, if there is no opportunity for Government postings the unemployed Doctors and Para-medicals will have to face very tough time.

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