Worshiped By People In their Hearts

Legendary leader and
former CM YS Rajasekhar Reddy is acclaimed as a people’s man. He was a farmer
who knew the hearts of farmers and became dear to them through schemes like
loan waiver and free electricity. He was a doctor who knew the ‘pulse’ of
people and was cherished by them through schemes like Aarogyasri, 108 and 104
that saved lives of many. He worked for the uplift of girijans. He fought for
laying way for the permanent well-being of the poor by introducing Fees
Reimbursement scheme. He also brought smiles to the faces of DWCRA women, the
unemployed and also earned a permanent place in people’s hearts through schemes
and programmes like Jala Yagnyam and Idiramma Illu.

Agricultural labourer became a farmer

Renjal: The schemes introduced by YSR were greatly beneficial to the
farmers. That was how an agricultural labourer Peerya from Dandigutta of
Kalyapur Gram Panchayat zone and Renjal mandal became a farmer. “I used to be a
labourer in farming. I wished I had land of my own but my financial status
could not help me. After YSR came to power, my dreams came true. I was given
land through ST corporation. Now I am cultivating in it. Once a labourer, I am
now the owner of 8 acres of land”, explained Peerya. He expressed gratitude
towards YSR.

I have a livelihood, thanks to YSR

Madhira: “I am from Khazipuram of Madhira mandal. I did BA and
completed Physical Education training in 1991. I worked at private schools for
15 years as there was no Government recruitment. Unable to earn much, I started
a footwear store in Madhira but met losses in the business. I was already 38 by
then. Then YSR created 4% reservation to Muslims and minorities and extended
age eligibility by 5 years. That was a turning point to my life. I still bow to
YSR’s portrait every day before going to school”, stated Azeem, a PET in
Government sector.

Rs.20,000 loan has been waived

Navipeta: “I live in Dharyapur colony of Navipeta. I own 2 acres of land
in Dharyapur near the lake. I took Rs5000 loan for cultivation. As crops did
not grow, my debt multiplied by 4 times. The society officials brought pressure
on me for paying it back. After YSR became the CM in 2004, my loan was waived.
Many other farmers started to smile just like me. I still owe YSR for his help”,
explained Damke Bhumanna, a farmer.

It was golden era

Khammam: Maddi Veerareddy, a
farmer from Gollapadu village of Khammam rural mandal, whose Rs.40,000 loan was
waived in 2008, has now mortgaged gold for agricultural loan. But Rs.25,000 of
the present loan has been presented for waiving and only Rs.12,500 of it has
actually been waived.

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