Why Chandrababu is jittery over hawala revelations?

Whenever there is some Hawala scam, some link or otherwise to the Telugu states and the TDP leaders surfaces. And this happens with unfailing regularity. When horse stable owner Hasan Ali was arrested in Hawala scam, he revealed that Chandrababu had links with him. He said Chandrababu had deposited truck loads of money with him and added that some money was withdrawn for elections. However, the scam could never be unraveled as leaders of other political parties too were involved. Everybody colluded and it was all hush hush.

Then Kola Krishna Mohan had revealed that Chandrababu and his family members owned bank accounts in Singapore and that huge amounts of black money were stashed there. He had even given the account number in the name of C Naidu. Nara.

Now even in the case of meat trader Moin Qureshi, the names of Chandrababu’s proxies are coming to light. Chandrababu Naidu, jittery as ever, is blaming the Central Government for the spate of raids. Remember that  Chandrababu skipped assembly sessions when his pics with fake currency scamsters surfaced. Even the Telgi stamps scam happened during his earlier regime. Similarly, It is the TDP which was chiefly involved in the call money racket. That explains why Chandrababu gets jittery whenever anyone mentions hawala.

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