Vote For Change Urges YSRCP     


Appealing to the people of Andhra Pradesh to vote for a change by rejecting the unscrupulous Chandrababu government which has always been found wanting when it mattered most on the welfare front but had never gone back on backing its favoured wheeler-dealers, YSR Congress Party has said that TDP has left out 600 poll promises made during previous elections unfulfilled and has come back with a fresh bundle of promises that would meet the same fate as earlier ones.

Speaking at various venues as part of electioneering Party President YS Jagan Mohan Reddy, Honorary President YS Vijayamma and party leader YS Sharmila had called upon the people to use their discretion and elect a government which has credibility and respect for values and assured that the Navaratnas will bring a socio-economic change. Otherwise, the state will further slip into anarchy if the ruling Party makes an encore.

The YSR Congress Party has made is clear that it does not have a pact with any Party and isfighting on its own, while the TDP has been flitting from one Party to the other and changing colours frequently. Its leader lacks character and is opportunistic in nature.

The YSRCP promised that RTC would be merged into the state government and will meet the long-pending demand of the workers. Farmers, women groups, students, youth, the elderly and all sections would be benefitted from the Navaratnas, they said and appealed to vote for the party's symbol of fan and asked them not to be carried away by the crumbs thrown by Chandrababu Naidu before elections.

If he is elected back to power, anarchy will further deepen and people will have to pay a very high price as we have seen in the last five years. Chandrababu went back on all the poll promises and started showering crumbs just three months before the elections, the YSRCP pointed out.

If he comes back all the Govt. schools would be closed down to enable his coterie to corporatize education and medicare would go further and further away from the common man. Ration cards would be weeded out indiscriminately along with other welfare schemes.

The TDP had assured that jobs would be created failing which stipend would be given to youth. Jobs were not created to all but Lokesh gets a job and stipend in the form three ministerial berths. Rampant corruption was seen during the past five years and reports like NABARD and those of other institutions had shown that our state has slipped to the rock bottom under TDP rule.

YSRCP had brought in schemes that benefitted all sections of the people and completed a major portion of many of the irrigation works but Chandrababu Naidu left the remaining work incomplete, the YSRCP leaders pointed out. Though the Chief Minister paid16 visits to the place Velugonda project did not move even 16 inches further, they said.

People felt that they were secure under YSR regime and they should cast their vote for fan symbol to see the golden era back. Despite the Babu-Modi jodi for over 4 years they could not get Special Category Status (SCS) and it was YSRCP which led the movement. It was the YSRCP which took the fight to the national capital. What the state had done during that period was to amass wealth in the name of kickbacks to Polavaram project and real estate deals in Amaravati.

Do we need such a corrupt person back, is the issue people have to decide and give their mandate on April 11, the top leaders of the YSRCP said on their tour of Kurnool, Anantapur, Prakasam and Guntur districts addressing a string of meetings and road shows which were packed to capacity.

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