Vijayamma turns a crowd puller!

The political scene of AP has undergone a sea change with the arrival of YSR Congress Party as a strong political force to reckon with on the stage.

Though its president YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has been jailed for more than 100 days under cooked up allegations by CBI, the party leadership has not lost its morale and has been continuously agitating to highlight public issues and seek solutions to them.

Party honourary president YS Vijayamma, who has been actively addressing public meetings and conducting Dharnas and Deekshas without rest in the absence of Jagan, has turned out to be an invaluable asset to the party.

By leading many a Deeksha on various nagging problems the state is facing, Vijayamma has overwhelmingly succeeded as a non-traditional political leader in exposing the failures of the Government on all fronts, especially on the issues of fee reimbursement and power failure.

Unlike other politicians who talk without substance lecturing on abstract terms, Vijayamma proved time and again how a politician should talk pointedly on issues. She has also established her credentials as a capable crowd puller after Jagan in the YSR Congress.

She criticized the congress leaders and the Government but her criticism was decent, sharp and issue based, she questioned the Congress and Telugu Desam leaders but her questions were on their failures and she eulogized YSR but her rhetoric was on the welfare schemes implemented by the YSR regime. Unlike politicians of other parties, she never indulged in mudslinging or character assassination against other politicians in her speeches.

If one remembers well, the resting BJP leader Atal Bihari Vajpayee is the one and only politician who never indulged in character assassination of others during his hectic days and this was the reason the entire country liked him and respected him cutting across party lines. Listening to him was really a pleasant experience to everyone in the country. 
Today, we find such shades in Vijayamma who has been attracting crowds with her straight, pure, off the beat and sharp speeches everywhere.

The shades of Vijayamma turning into a mass leader were first found in her speech at the recent Medchal public meeting which attracted a bigger crowd.  The Pamarru public meeting in Krishna district on Wednesday was second such meeting which turned out to be a mammoth one literally with thousands thronging to listen to and see her.

Vijayamma’s oratory skills and her style of speaking pose a new challenge to the present band of politicians who talk less on subject and most on non-subject.
(Updated on Sept 13,2012)

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