Starving on festivals

Failure of Government to cut off prices

Firing rates of pulses

Pulses rates are on fire. The common man is trembling. Naidu is only bothered about the festival he is going to celebrate in the name of capital with the people's  money and no way bothered about the hardships faced by people. Sky is the limit for the pulses rates now which is never before. Leave the delicious food and sweets on festivals, not even dal seems to be available for the common man in this worst situation. People are suffering a lot. Struggling hard they are not getting two lumps of sufficient pulses and food.

Government is looking at the show:

Within one month, the prices of commodities have been doubled causing suffocation for general public. The price of pulses and rice is seen double the price of chicken when compared revelas the hopeless situation we are in. However, Naidu is not bothered about all these. His only policy is to see the means of grabbing the money and get personal benefits and never interested in thinking of peoples problems in his regime. The protein food, pulses play a vital role in our body. The present government failed in controlling the costs of these pulses.

Prices are not reduced - starvation is the solution

Since a month the pulse rates are frightening the people. The price of Tur dal increased from Rs. 140 to Rs. 200, Urad dal was Rs. 135 and now it increased to Rs. 185, Similarly, Red Mirchi is Rs. 110 and now it is Rs. 140. People are becoming anxious on the increase of prices of pulses which is the main nutritional source for a common man. With the increase in the prices, they are revolting against the government. They are realizing that if the government is not bothering about the prices they are supposed to go for starvation.

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