The speaker’s son’s skill speaks

  • Purchased land: 17.3 acres
  • Cost price: Rs.93 lakh
  • Present value: Rs.18.4 crore
  • Speaker Kodela Sivaprasad’s son Kodela Sivarama Krishna is not in any less competent when it comes to robbing capital area lands. People of Sattenapalli and Narasaraopet constituencies state that Sivaramakrishna is proficient at identifying controversial lands and acquiring them using power. Cost of the lands around capital area went high upon the announcement of the capital. Kodela Sivarama Krishna arranged for special teams to procure the lands in Sattenapalli near the core capital. The duty of the teams is to identify the lands that are controversial, to inquire the parties that are involved and to take one of the parties to Kodela Sivarama Krishna.

    He then buys the lands for extremely low costs by requesting or warning the parties that approach him and then gets them registered underthe names of his binamis. This has become a routine of Jr. Kodela. 17.3 acres of land under survey numbers 167-1A, 167-1C, 168-1 and 168-3 of Dhulipalla in Sattenapalli mandal were in dispute between two brothers. Kodela, on knowing this, made one of the brothers approach him.

    He bought the land at Rs.8 lakh per acre under the name of Shashi Infra for which Sivarama Krishna’s personal assistant Gutta Naga Prasad works as a managing partner. The land actually costs Rs.1.5 crore per acre. Another person who is involved in this dispute went on to file a case against Sivaramakrishna in the court. But the indifferent revenue department calmly gave away the land to Gutta Naga Prasad. People of Sattenapalli and Narasaraopet constituencies mentioned that Kodela Sivaramakrishna had bought huge number of lands in that area following this procedure.

    Who is this Gutta Naga Prasad?

    Gutta Naga Prasad is from Poluru of yaddanapudi mandal in Prakasam district. Coming from a common family, he graduated in civil engineering. When Kodela’s elder son Satyanarayana succumbed to an accident, Naga Prasad entered into close relationship with their family. When Kodela was the chairman of Basava Tarakam Indo-American Cancer Hospital, he called Naga Prasad and gave him the responsibility of the hospital’s contracts. After Kodela’s tenure as chairman was over, Naga Prasad became his personal assistant. After Kodela became the speaker, Naga Prasad became the PA of Kodela Sivarama Krishna apart from working as private manager to Honda showroom in Guntur. Staying in a rented house in Chilakaluripet, Naga Prasad managed to by lands of value of crores of rupees in Sattenapalli and Narasaraopet!!

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