The Son Making His Corrupt Father Proud

Amaravathi: The corrupt activities of father-son duo are seen everywhere in
the capital area. Another good example of the TDP’s atrocious rule is the
Kondaveeti Vagu flood water lift irrigation scheme. Lokesh has arranged for
agreement with a hardly known company for Rs.200 crore value of work.

This is what happened

There is a regulation
stating that tenders should be called for if the value of a project is more
than Rs.10 lakh and for those projects of worth more than Rs.100 crore, tenders
have to be processed under the supervision of chief secretary and with
permission from high power committee. But if there is more competition in
tenders or if the CS poses hurdle to unfair activities, there will be little
chance to pocket anything. Hence, Lokesh has plotted to give away tenders as
secretly as possible for as much rate as possible and irrigation officials have
implemented it. Decision has been taken to hand over project of Rs.200 crore to
Aquatech company against regulations.

Technical conspiracy

Quotations have been
invited in writing by KVLNP Chowdary, the SE of Guntur irrigation circle, on
the 15th of this month from a handful of selected companies for supply
of almost Rs.200 crore worth pipes and motors for Kondaveeti Vagu flood water
lift irrigation scheme. Neither the worth of the project nor any technical
aspects were mentioned in the letter. It has only been mentioned that equipment
for lifting almost 6000 cusecs of flood water by 10-12 metres were needed. Letters
were not sent for prominent companies like Kirloskar, KSB, Vilo and Flowmore.
Three companies responded to the SE’s letter.

A company from
Tamilnadu was disqualified with the excuse of sending proposals through email.
Another company from Kolkata also was pushed aside citing some other lame
reason. Finally, Aquatech company that had already had an agreement with Lokesh
was chosen. It is heard that almost Rs.100 crore is going to be illegally pocketed
in this transaction. 

Without electricity??

It is estimated that
30 megawatts of electricity is needed for the motors to extract 6000 cusecs of
flood water. But there is no possibility for provision such high amount of
electricity at this point. Electrical engineers say that supply through 220 KV
power line would make an overload. Hence, use of diesel generators has been
decided. Narla Tatarao Thermal Power Station (NTTPS) produces 210 megawatts
power per unit. It has been decided that one-seventh of it would be provided by
diesel generators. Use of diesel is posing threat of environmental pollution.
Trials are being made to give the contract of generators to the supplier
suggested by Lokesh.

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