The Secret Behind The CM's Fury

  • Chandrababu furious with the
    state of pushkarams’ work
  • Orders from CM’s office as
    per Babu’s fury
  • Higher officials raising
    curtains to the actual drama

Vijayawada: CM Chandrababu examined the work
pertaining to Krishna River’s pushkarams in Vijayawada. He grew furious at the
state of the work and warned against delay, particularly while facing the media’s
cameras. Immediately, the yellow media started to focus on Babu’s concern about
the work and his particularity about punctuality. But the real drama lies
beneath this pretense.

Arrangements prior to

In fact, pushkarams are not a flash
news. Everybody knows well in advance that the pushkarams of River Krishna
would be in the second week of August. So budget allocations would obviously
happen at least six months prior. It is customary to appoint an IAS officer to
handle such crucial tasks. That officer usually carries out the required work
in collaboration with the concerned collectors and other officers. But Chandrababu’s
rule does not follow such customs in order for the jobs to not finish in a
regular fashion. His philosophy is to have every bit of work under his nose. So
no officer has been appointed. Tenders are not being called for even after
budget has been allocated.

Fury expressed as planned

Chandrababu has gone to examine
pushkarams’ work along with certain followers and staff, while making sure the
media was there too. He gathered as much anger and disgust as he could upon
seeing the delay in the work. He mercilessly warned the officials to complete
the work soon, so that the media could catch the depth of his anger. With the
issue of orders from the CM’s office in this direction, actual drama will

Nomination system is meant
for sheer robbery

As soon as the CM shouted at the
officials about fast completion of work, the yellow leaders landed there. As
there is not enough time before the commencement of pushkarams, the work will
now be allotted through nomination. The need for inviting public tenders has
been safely bypassed. Crores of rupees will be given away to TDP leaders and
robbery will be accomplished as much as possible, getting work done for the
formality of it. Cheques will be hastily released for getting work done through
nomination. There nobody to care for and ask about the quality of work anyway.

Work for Godavari pushkarams were
handled exactly in the same way. The yellow media wrote in acclaim of
Chandrababu and TDP as usual at that time. The same scene is ready to be
repeated now again for Krishna pushkarams.

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