Roja, the Real Fire Brand

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Hyderabad:MLA Roja’s name is the talk of the town of the assembly. She is
being congratulated for bravely fighting against the conspiracies plotted by CM
Chandrababu Naidu and his close ally minister Yanamala Ramakrishnudu. President
of YSR Congress Party YS Jagan acclaimed her for her fight for justice.

Struggle under the direction of YS Jagan

Roja who is playing a crucial role in the state’s politics as YSRCP woman
division’s president got elected from Nagari constituency of Chittoor in the
recent elections. She earned the name ‘Fire Brand’ in AP assembly. She is
always a step ahead in questioning the Government for the people under the
leadership of leader of opposition YS Jagan. Mobilized by inspiration following
the steps of YS Jagan, YSRCP MLAs are holding TDP Government under constant
watch. Not being able digest this, the Government resorted to conspiring
against Roja.


While the assembly session was going on, Yanamala suddenly
proposed for one-year suspension of MLA Roja and this was followed by speaker
Kodela Siva Prasad’s accepting it. They did not even announce why the
suspension was being done or under which rule. When Roja reached the assembly
to know why she was suspended, she was insulted by not allowing into the house.
Which rule was applied for suspension was not known until the courts
intervened. Democracy supporters still remember the egotistic statements of
Yanamala saying “The house is supreme”.

with determination

YSRCP stood for MLA Roja in the assembly. Leader of
opposition YS Jagan not only demanded the Government to show the reason for her
suspension, but also wrote a public letter to the speaker. As there was no
response to it, Roja resorted to fight for justice, as per YS Jagan’s
suggestion. She consulted with ‘lady fire brand’ lawyer Indira Jaising (Read: Special story on her - Who
is this Lady Advocate? at
and got into fight for justice. At first the High Court did not serve her
justice, as her petition was not accepted due to the Government’s influence.
Then she approached the Supreme Court, which ordered that High Court to take it
up. Assembly office is stating that the suspension was done according to rule
340. But this rule allows suspension only for a session but not a whole year. MLA
Roja fought with the same point and won. She gave a copy o the court’s orders
to the assembly secretary and met her party’s president YS Jagan, who
congratulated her on her victory. 

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