Resolutions Made By YSRCP In General Body Meeting

Vijayawada: The general body meeting conducted by YSR
Congress Party near the capital city made a few political resolutions, which
were unanimously approved by the representatives.

YSRCP slammed Chandrababu for doing corrupt activities of worth
Rs.1,45,549 crore in two years. It condemned the deceptive ways of the TDP
Government for not keeping any of the promises made at the time of elections.
It blamed the ruling party for ill-treating Mudragada Padmanabham who had
questioned about the promises made to the Kapu community like joining it in BC
category. The party spoke against undemocratic ways like the encouragement of
party defection by TDP and depriving local representatives’ powers with the
employment of Janmabhoomi committees.

Here are the
resolutions made:

♦ YSRCP has condemned the way the TDP Government had filled the
state with corruption in the last two years. Sale of mud and sand mafia,
unlawful liquor business, corruption in coal purchase and purchase of benami
lands amounted to Rs. 1,45,549 crore.

♦ Election-time promises like waiver of agriculture and DWACRA
loans, employment for every
household or Rs.2000 stipend for the unemployed, free education from KG to PG
were not kept, complained YSRCP, calling it deception.

♦ YSRCP, in the general body meeting, slammed the Government for
ill-treating Mudragada Padmanabham only for questioning about not keeping the
promise of joining Kapu community in BC category. It got Mudragada arrested
unjustly and played with his
health. The meeting wished for fast recovery of Mudragada’s health. It has
expressed concern towards people getting unjustly arrested for Tuni arson. It
has demanded for ordering CBI inquiry over the incident for the truth to be
exposed. It demanded for joining Kapu community in BC category, without causing
injustice to the other communities in the category.

♦ YSRCP condemned TDP’s undemocratically and unconstitutionally luring
opposition party MLAs into joining the party with money, power and contracts,
mentioning the 1985 and 2003 party defection acts. It also slammed not taking
action against defectors.

♦ YSRCP opposed the employment of Janmabhoomi committees,
hindering the proper functioning of Government officials and public
representatives elected by people democratically and looking down on opposition

♦ YSRCP has made it clear that the suppression on Sakshi channel
and newspaper by the Government was unconstitutional and reminding of
emergency. It demanded that the Government withdrew its action.

♦ The general body meeting has slammed the corruption of TDP
going on in the construction of capital city in greed for foreign money, the
way lands were snatched with force from the farmers, purchase of lands at meagre costs in benami
names, partiality in construction of buildings and land allocations.

♦ After playing crucial role in bifurcating the state, TDP has failed to achieve the benefits of the
state too, YSRCP has criticised. After being discussed in Rajya Sabha, sanction
of special status and completion of construction of Polavaram project, special
developmental funds for North Andhra-Rayalaseema areas and railway zones were
promised, but TDP Government failed to get any of these done, YSRCP has complained
in the general body meeting.

♦ YSRCP has expressed concern towards the deteriorating law and
order. Harassing women through Call Money scam, atrocities towards women, TDP’s corruption and unlawful
businesses and assaults on officials trying to hinder them, attacks and false
allegations on leaders and activists of YSRCP have been condemned by YSRCP in
the meeting.

♦ This meeting has condemned the state Government’s ways that
are weakening the agriculture sector. Increasing agricultural expenditure, shortage
of proper irrigation, lack of proper support price are causing the agriculture
sector to deteriorate gradually. The meeting has expressed concern towards the Government’s negligence
towards agriculture.

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