Request For Issue Of Ordinance Bringing It Under EC's Control

() YS Jagan submits a memorandum to the home minister about party defection

() Suggestion to give ordinance bringing it under the control of election commission
() 3-month time limit should be set for solving cases for efficient prevention of defection
() TDP Government encouraging defection in AP
() 13 MLAs snatched through enticement
() CBI probe should be done on corruption by AP Government
() Submission of memorandum to Sitaram Yechury, Sharad Pawar and Sharad Yadav

New Delhi: The leader of opposition in AP and YSRCP president YS Jagan requested the centre to consider giving ordinance in order to bring the cases pertaining to party defection under the control of the election commission from the control of the speaker. He suggested that the ordinance enabled the solution of the cases in a time limit of 3 months as it would efficiently prevent party defection. Accompanied by the MLAs of the party, he met home minister Rajnath Singh on Tuesday and submitted a memorandum in this matter. He also submitted it to CPM national General Secretary Sitaram Yechury, NCP president Sharad Pawar and JDU leader Sharad Yadav. Here are prime points mentioned in the memorandum.
► The parliament brought anti defection law in 1985 and included it in the tenth schedule through 52nd constitutional amendment. Not satisfied by its implementation, the parliament again in 2003, consolidated it through 91st constitutional amendment.
According to it, unless 2 original political parties unite, even if 100% members change to another party their membership will not be retained. Every one of them will have to face disqualification.
Our repeated petitions to the speaker to cancel the membership of the defectors of YSRCP were ignored. Ruling Telugu Desam Party is publicly announcing that there will be more defections in future. MP of Nandyala SPY Reddy elected from our party migrated to TDP almost immediately after the elections. We requested the speaker of Lok Sabha to disqualify him. It has been 21 months since then but nothing has been done. We will request the speaker again but it will be of no use. Then what is the use of the law?
► Telugu Desam Party after coming into power in 2014 has been scaring the MPs, MLAs, leaders and activists of YSRCP. It has snatched 13 of our leaders by enticing each of them with Rs.20-30 crore. The democracy stayed silent while such an atrocious act was being committed with corrupt money. The whole country should question this unethical and unconstitutional act. The issue of party defection should be brought from the control of the speaker to that of the election commission. An ordinance should be brought fixing the time limit for solving defection-related cases as 3 months.
► The root cause for the party defection going on in the state is corruption. The TDP Government took one-sided decision of passing GO no.22 in order to pocket huge bribe by paying escalation to the contractors.
The CM, along with his close allies, raised curtain for huge real estate mafia with the name of world-class capital city construction. MLAs, ministers and the CM syndicated to take up sand digging. They are earning thousands of crores of rupees through this. We are submitted to you a separate integrated report of their corruption. We request you to run a CBI enquiry on all these issues and put an end to them to prevent pushing democracy into danger. Our MLAs were suspended for raising these issues in the Assembly.
► When we gave notice of no confidence motion in the recent assembly budget sessions, they ended the discussion in a convenient way to argue that there was not enough time to implement whip on the defectors. We gave the notice against the speaker as per rule 71(1). As per article 179(c), when such a notice is given, discussion on it should not happen till 14 working days. But the speaker took it for discussion right on that day in order to protect the defectors from the issued whip. Same scenario repeated at the time of voting for Appropriation bill 2016.
Our protests were ignored. Special Development Funds are being sanctioned only to TDP MLAs and in those constituencies where YSRCP represents, funds are being allotted to irrelevant TDP leaders. The common man is under trouble with the introduction of Janmabhoomi committees.
CBI enquiry should be done on the corrupted activities of AP government. Party defection and related disqualification should be brought under the control of the election commission. We request you to consider bringing an ordinance so that within a stipulated time limit of 3 months, defection-related cases are solved.
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