Rajanna … come back again!!!

Spotless white dhoti, a smile that never fades away, a hand that is ever ready to help the needy and a persona that fills one with confidence…. That is YS Rajasekhara Reddy. He is the affable Rajanna for everyone. He was a friend of farmer, a succor for students, a benefactor for the BCs and a doctor for the sick and the ailing. He was a symbol of help, service and leadership.

It’s been nine years he left us. But, his memories continue to linger on – as fresh as it is just today. He had resuscitated a moribund party on a ventilator and made it a ruling party. He was a leader who inspired confidence among everyone. Today, he may not be there in physical form, but his welfare measures continue to linger on in the smiles of the poor and the uncared for.

Hence, even after nine years, the people still worship him. YSR never believed in publicity and never resorted to media blitzkrieg. He believed in serving the people, in working for them and in straining every nerve for them. He did in just five years, what Chandrababu could not do in nine years.  It is a measure of his greatness that long after he is gone, his schemes are being studied, adopted and adapted by various states and even the Central Government. 

It is also a measure of his people-friendly attitude that ensured that drought did not torment the people of the state during his reign. Interestingly, the moment, YSR left and Chandrababu came in 2014, drought made its reappearance in Andhra Pradesh.
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