Plot To Rob Huge Amount Of Public Money

  • Agreement with Singapore – foundation for huge
  • Negligence to Supreme Court’s directions
  • Indifference to Kelkar committee’s report
  • Ignorance to APIDEA-2001 regulations
  • Violation of Swiss Challenge regulations too
  • Plan to rob lakhs of crores of rupees through real
  • Yellow Government’s real colours exposed through High
    Court’s statements
  • The Supreme Court’s
    directions were neglected. APIDEA-2001 law was violated. Reports given by Vijay
    Kelkar committee were ignored. Chandrababu’s Government, along with Singaporean
    companies, plotted a plan to rob lakhs of crores of rupees under the mask of
    startup area project of construction of capital city of AP. A huge scam was
    raised curtains for through the implementation of Swiss Challenge system. Even
    before the capital city had been announced, the information was leaked to the
    TDP leaders’ coterie. Due to the insider trading, they did injustice to poor
    farmers by snatching their lands of value of lakhs of crores of rupees. The
    yellow gang also did the same kind of injustice in the matter of capital city’s
    startup area project. Under the mask of land acquisition, lands were forcefully
    grabbed from the farmers and given away to Singaporean companies through Swiss
    Challenge system. A master plan has been devised to pocket lakhs of crores of
    rupees through real estate business.

    Violating the regulations
    of Swiss Challenge system and their oath, they deceived union Government.
    Although the Supreme Court made it clear that there was lack of transparency in
    the system and Kelkar committee advised against its implementation and in spite
    of the suggestions against it from Government’s General Secretary SP Tucker and
    finance ministry’s chief secretary of that time, PV Ramesh, they did not back
    off. To take up the construction of startup area project in the seed capital in
    1,691 acre area, the Government issued tender notification for Swiss Challenge.
    The comments given by High Court’s jury on
    Monday state clearly that regulations have been violated in the startup area
    project. The secret agreements made between Chandrababu and co. and Singaporean
    consortium has been uncovered.

    Corruption kingdom

    As soon as he took oath
    as the CM, Chandrababu plotted a sketch along with his allies. He managed to
    bluff that Singapore companies had given the master plan for the capital city
    for free due to his relations with Singapore Government. Then he toured in
    Singapore from the 12th to the 14th of November. According
    to the agreement made at that time, International Enterprises, a Singaporean
    company, made an MoU with APIIC on the 8th of December in 2014. A report was sent to the union
    Government on the next day. It was hidden that the companies chosen by the
    Singapore Government.

    After two days, Surbana
    International, Jurang International were given the responsibility of making the
    capital’s master plan and the AP Government did not resist it. This means
    Chandrababu cheated the centre right from the beginning.

    Ultimately, the value of 1691 acres is Rs.47,348 crore. Singapore
    Consortium’s percentage is 58%. This means those companies will earn Rs.27,461.84 crore from this. AP Government’s share
    would be only Rs.19,886.16 crore, a percentage of 42%. To make sure there
    should be no hindrance to real estate businesses for 20 years, regulation was
    made that no real estate ventures would be allowed for 20 years. Also, in land
    in startup area could be sold at any time by the companies in twenty-five years.

    This means, we are
    giving our land to the companies, we are creating infrastructure with our money
    and we are giving profits to Singaporean companies. Chandrababu has, thus,
    mortgaged the benefits of the state to give profits to Singapore.



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