Oppression in the Assembly

  • Prominence
    given to repress the voice of the opposition
  • Leader of
    opposition YS Jagan’s speech hindered at every step
  • Microphone
    offered only to the ruling party

 Hyderabad: The Government is looking for various ways to sidetrack important issues in
the assembly. As part of it, the Government took up discussion on conservation
of water resources and kept dragging it. As this was an important issue for the
humankind, YSRCP tried to participate in it but it was suppressed there too.

While speaking on behalf of the Government on
account of World Water Day, CM Chandrababu Naidu mentioned ways to save water.
During this he cited the attempts of the Government in this direction and
informed about the projects that were being taken up. Later YSRCP President and
leader of opposition YS Jagan got to speak on behalf of the opposition. During
his speech he started to reveal the reality regarding the irrigation projects.
Immediately microphone’s access to him was withdrawn and the ruling party was
allowed to speak again. Chandrababu was acclaimed for his wonderful speech, outstanding
water conservation schemes and his rule as a whole. No objection was expressed
against this.

Again the leader of opposition YS Jagan was
allowed to speak. While speaking about the necessity of conserving water, he
mentioned the irregularities committed regarding the projects. Again his
microphone was disconnected. Same arguments were repeated. YS Jagan tried to
reveal some facts again. The microphone was withdrawn right away and the
members of the assembly were made to pledge about conservation of water. Then
the house was adjourned to Saturday.

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