No Water, only scheme

Hyderabad: Telugu Desam government has introduced the NTR Sujala Sravanthi scheme for providing bottled water to every household in villages with no adequate potable drinking water source at a cost of Rs. 2/- seems to be a flop. To implement this scheme, overall 569 plants are established, where in only 100 are working to some extent with difficulty. Though it was started with a good intend, and grand start, later on it is just passed to the NGOs and corporate companies to take it forward. Due to this reason, the villages where the necessity to conduct this scheme seems to be irrelevant or not necessary, still it has been implemented. As water linked business is not working out well, many members, stopped their water plants. Due to this, villages who are in utter necessity of drinking water are suffering a lot. Apart from this, it has been observed and spread by many people that this scheme is on the name of late TDP President, NTR. This is also one of the reason to neglect this scheme is one of the talk heard around.

According to the AP State statistics, there are 13,083 villages of which, 495 villages are affected by high fluorine content in water. It is surprising that no plant has been established in such places. From the past financial year, it has been promised that there would be 5,200 areas built. However, In reality there are only 569 plants constructed. Astonishingly, while implementing this scheme the Government has not even spent a penny. But, there were many places where the donors have constructed the plants though such areas don’t need the plants and the responsibility is given to the localities.

Further, it is clearly stated that the benefits of water plant business have to be utilized in this scheme. Organizers and Authority members stated that per day, if 200 water cans have been sold, then the plant can be manageable.

Among the plants developed in villages, only 82 plants are working and 200 cans are being sold. Overall, it has been observed that among the 13 districts, except Prakasam district, no where the scheme is going on well. 

NTR Sujana Sravanthi – palnts    water cans for sale:

Srikakulam             13       120
Vijayanagaram       10        55
Visakhapartnam     19        90
East Godavari      133       85
West Godavari     152       95
Krishna                   28      121
Guntur                    27       131
Prakasam              41        200
Nellore                   14        195
Chitoor                  16         342
YSR                       58        111
Kurnool                   21       166
Anantapuram          37        125

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