Naidu's policies are only the obstacles to the special status

Hyderabad: The opposition YSR Congress party is fighting hard
for the special status. The intensity of the movement is planned to make high
and continue to protest in Delhi. But, the TDP though it is in power, and
is a partner for the Centre, is not speaking in favor of the special status

But to demand the special status or to file a case in the court
to question why the special status was not being announced even after
committing in the Rajya Sabha, the TDP coalition government is not showing any
interest. Chandrababu Naidu's actions are standing as obstacles in this matter.

In fact, due to separation Andhra
Pradesh has fallen into severe economic crisis because of losing the
revenue generating Hyderabad. Also, the separation was done in an haphazard manner
by which several difficulties have cropped up. We can try explaining these
things and request for Special Status. But, no one believes us by looking at
Chandrababu's actions, he is causing obstacles by attempting to do things which
financially sound states could not do and by doing excessive publicity.

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