Naidu abdicates responsibility as opp leader

Several statesmen have time and again stressed the importance of opposition parties in a democratic body politic.  Abraham Lincoln, in one of his speeches, said that the opposition members are no less important than the ruling party members in their commitment towards the people.  

This means the opposition leaders have as much responsibility as that of the ruling party leaders towards the people, especially in a growing democracy like India.
In any democracy, it is the responsibility of the government to protect the interests of the people at large and when the Government itself goes astray, the opposition has to come to the rescue of people.

TDP supremo Chandrababu Naidu, however, seems to have abdicated his role in AP as a genuine opposition leader. His decision to go on a Padayatra, cinematically called ‘Vastunna Meekosam’ doesn’t serve any purpose to the people as its objective is not clearly defined. 

The state has already been reeling under the stress of several problems such as Telangana, power crisis, drought, drinking and irrigation water scarcity, increasing crime rate and political uncertainty. Doesn’t Naidu know these problems which are known to everyone, even to laymen? If he really doesn’t know the people’s problems, he is unfit to continue in politics.

In such a case, his padayatra wouldn’t serve any purpose as he can’t learn things now which he could not during his long innings as CM and opposition leader. 

If he already knows the people’s problems, he should have already come forward to confront the Government and the ruling Congress on a war footing to find reasonable and concrete solutions to the nagging issues. He has not done this.

If he is taking up his Yatra to find solutions to the bothering issues, the argument can’t be taken on its face value as he already failed to address problems. In this back drop, his padayatra would go down in the history as a purely political one and also as a useless exercise aimed at giving a fresh lease of life to his party.

(Updated on Sept 26, 2012)

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