Mr Perfect CM

Sriakulam: Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister, YS Jagan Mohan Reddy visited Srikakulam district for the first time as a Chief Minister after the YSRCP came to power in 2019 Elections.

YS Jagan had reached Palsa in Srikakulam district by 11.16am in a Helicopter. He reached the meeting premises at 11.40 am. And laid the foundation stone for many development works including a 200-bed hospital in Palasa, The construction of the 200-bed super-specialty kidney hospital, Kidney Research Center, water scheme of Rs. 600 crores, and the fishing jetty which is to be built at a cost of Rs.11.95 crores.

After that, YS Jagan Inaugurated the Akshayapatra-based high-tech central kitchen near Srikakulam Mandalam Singpuram. And after it all, YS Jagan returned back from Vishakapatnam by Helicopter.

YS Jagan has toured all over Srikakulam in a single day and completed all the Inauguration and development works in the Srikakulam.

There is a clear difference between Chandrababu Naidu's meetings and YS Jagna's meetings, Chandrababu Naidu always used to target the opposition party YSRCP during TDP's ruling and people have been fed up with Chandrababu Naidu and his speeches. YS Jagna tries to attract the people of Srikakulam by explaining the 100-day remarkable ruling of YSRCP, he conveyed all the Important topics related to people development schemes, and people pay keen attention to his interesting speeches as he doesn't get into unnecessary politics while addressing the people.

The whole trip was a busy one, but he still took the time to listen to all the petitioners and gave directions to the relevant authorities on the spot.

YS Jagan enthusiastically responded to questions asked by students in the Mata Manthi program, and they called YS Jagan “Mr. Perfect CM.” He promised IIIT students that they will turn Srikakulam IIIT as the world's best IIIT academy.

Some of the Highlights of YS Jagan's Promises are

Stage 3 and 4 Kidney patients will be given a pension of Rs 5000 from now.

One health assistant will be hired for every 500 kidney patients to look after them.

Free medicine and transportation will be provided to kidney patients.

In the Ichchapuram constituency, one-man commission headed by JC Sharma will be solving all the agriculture-based problems.

Barrage Construction on Vamsadhara River will be constructed on the River Valley.

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