MoUs with Singapore should be made public

Hyderabad, Dec 29: YSR Congress has
demanded the TDP government to be transparent in the capital city dealings and
place them on public domain besides complying with the Centre’s policy on
partnerships with private parties in wake of the heavy involvement of Singapore
in the deals for infrastructure development.

‘In the first place, a baffling
development took place with the signatory of MoU on behalf of the Singapore
Government quitting the post and he joining as CEO of the two companies that
acquired the contract which merged into one,’ party senior leader Botsa
Satyanarayana told reporters here on Tuesday.

This is blatantly commercial in nature
and the State should explain and place the records on public domain as to with
whom the it is dealing with and how could the signatory on behalf of Singapore
government suddenly become the CEO of the two companies that bagged the

Such commercial manipulations lead to
massive corruption and the land acquired from poor farmers cannot be given to
the foreign companies on a platter. People need to know about the deal in
details, he said.

We are not against the capital formation
but we are only against the manipulative practices and commercial agenda which
is benefitting a favoured few leaving aside the farmers whose land was acquired
using various methods, he said.

At a time when the Centre has taken a
decision that all Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) should be carried out by
calling through global tenders how can the State ignore the national policy and
opt for Swiss Challenge, he asked. ‘We demand that all agreements with the
Singapore companies should be made public and carried out in a transparent
manner,’ he said.


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