Lame Excuses To Evade Paying Compensation

  • Government evading paying compensation citing regulations
  • Not even one of 33 in Krishna district received assistance
  • Government harassing victims
  • Leasing farmers' position is worse
The Government that has to stand in support of the farmers affected by drought, is harassing them, over not coming to their rescue. It is whiling away time by not paying compensation to the bereaved farmer families for months and trying to evade having to pay any compensation, by causing disgust among the families.
While the officials have to meet the bereaved families, speak to them, find about their situation and hand over the aid, they are calling them to the mandal or the district headquarters and speaking to them in offensive manner, doubting the cause of suicide, adding to their grief. The widows of the farmers are not being given pension wither. Even the Rs.10,000 pension to be given under National Family Benefit Scheme (NFBS) is not being paid.

Compensation to only 126 of 1152
After TDP came to power, 33 farmers committed suicide in Krishna district alone. All of them are leasing farmers. Compensation was paid to none of them. According to February 19, 2015 GO, the families are to be given Rs.5 lakh. In the whole state, after TDP started ruling, in 33 months, 1152 farmers committed suicide, but compensation was given only to 126, i.e. only 11.52%. The Government is citing regulations to mask its failure and negligence. If the farmers have any record of quarreling with anyone before suicide, the reason for suicide is being cited as interpersonal disputes and compensation is being cancelled. If the agricultural loans have been used for education or weddings of family members instead of farming, such families are being considered ineligible for compensation. If the farmers are found to be intoxicated at the time of suicide, his family is considered ineligible. If the farmer is found to be a favourer of opposition party, compensation is reportedly being cancelled.

Obvious negligence of the Government
  • Adding leasing farmers in the list of labourers to evade paying compensation
  • Not considering woman farmers as victims
  • While welfare schemes have to be applied to victim families, only ex-gratia is being given.
  • Children from farmers' families should be joined in welfare hostels and schools and IAY houses should be given to the homeless.
  • Funds should be given under self-employment schemes.
  • Pensions should be given.
  • During one-time settlement of loans, money is being deposited in the banks and farmers are unable to use it to pay their debts.
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