Joint Betrayal By TDP And BJP

  • Modi already told Babu that SCS would not begiven
  • That explains why Babu started to talk high about package
  • AP CM surredred to the centre due to Cash for Vote case
  • Arun Jaitley and Venkaiah Naisu brought into picture by the centre
  • Package boasted to be a greater deal than SCS
  • People betrayed by union and state Governments
  • YSRCP's struggle for SCS for 2.5 years
The PM cancidate of that time and current PM of India, Narendra Modi, swore by the name of Lord Venkateswara at the public meeting held at Tirupati prior to elections, to sanction special category status to AP for ten years upon coming to power. Chandababu promised to people on the same stage that he would achieve not ten, but fifteen years of special category status for AP. Both BJP and TDP mentioned the matter of special category status of AP as a prominent issue in their manifestos. But now Arun Jaitley came up with the devastating news that special status would not be sanctioned and package would be granted instead, much to Chandrababu's pleasure, who 'welcomed' it right away. 
Did BJP realise after 2.5 years that the sanction of status to AP was impossible? Why did it get ready with the news now? Did Modi ad Chandrababu speak about the issue before? Recent incidents are prompting us to believe they indeed had the conversation before.

Did they not know it before?
The centre is showing NITI Aayog's recommendations as reason for not sanctioning the status to AP. NITI Aayog is actually a creation of the union Government for attaining political benefits. Then there is no point in projecting NITI Aayog as the villain. It is well-known how BJP had recommended for the sanction of the status to AP  for ten years, when Manmohan Singh, the PM of that time suggested it for five years. BJP in fact promised to sanction the status for ten years. After mentioning it in their manifesto ad after making repeated promises to sanction it for ten years, is it not unjust to now come up with lame excuses and not sanction it? Should we understand that thepoll promises were only to garner more votes? Is it not sheer deception to people to cite the recommendations of NITI Aayog and the 14th Finance Commision as excuses for not granting the status? Both NITI Aayog and the Finance Commission are supposed to function under the control of the parliament, they are not autonomous agencies. Hence it is obvious that the Government is simply using their names as an excuse.

News given like a slow poison
BJP and TDP released the news aboutspecial category status not being sanctioned to AP as a slow poison. The state and the union Governmentstogether brought the otherwise live hope for SCS among people onto ventilator. They hid the matter from the people of AP for 2.5 years. It is a deliberately cunning plan that Arun Jatley annunced in the midnight that SCS would not be sanctioned to AP, but special package would be given and that Chandrababu welcomed it on the same night. This explains that the sanction of special status had been shelved together by BJP and TDP.

Joint betrayal to AP
Intellectuals as well as people are opining that PM Narendra Modi and AP AM Chandrababu Naidu had together planned the deception. It is heard that Chandrababu asked Modi for special package soon after the parties had come to power.But to avoid resistance from people with immediate breaking of bad news, they apparently waiting all this time.BJP and TDP will meet the same fate as Congress for deceiving people with their fake promise.

YSRCP's relentless struggle for SCS
YSRCP has been relentlessly fighting for special category status for AP. The leader of opposition in AP and YSRCP president YS Jagan has been organising programmes like Yuvabheri to bring about awareness among the youth regarding the subject, while proclaiming the importance of the status for proper build up of the state's infrastructure and improvement of employment sector. He is confiding that achievement of special category status is not impossible when achievement of special Telangana state is possible.

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