Irresponsible attitude of Chandrababu ..!

Is Naidu, a leader?..!

Passing comments instead  of appreciating..!

 Guntur : YSRCP President, Jagan's sister Sharmila fired on Babu. Sharmila met YS Jagan in Guntur hospital along with her mother and sister-in-law and enquired about his health condition. During this situation, she spoke to media and bursted on Chandrababu Naidu. Instead of appreciating Jagan who is fighting for special status, not even bothered and with his irresponsible attitude he made the Council of Ministers to make worst comments.

 Giving preference to Publicity instead of public

She commented that Naidu's interest is only focussed on publicity rather than the public.  She said, Naidu is aware of the situation which will turn worst if the strike moves towards a serious situation, so, to defend that, they ruined the fast. As Chandrababu Naidu neglected the special status, it is YS Jagan who has taken the responsibility on his shoulders. She bursted Naidu for deceiving people in the name of special status for 15 years,  promising for jobs, and other schemes and got power shamelessly. Is Babu a leader? questioned Sharmila.  

 This fighting will never stop

Sharmila stated that since an year, YS Jagan is continuously struggling to evoke the minds of people to identify the importance of Special status. Until the central and state governments guarantee about the special status, this fight will never stop, specified Sharmila.  She mentioned that Jagan will never stop fighting and will start his fight for the special status again. Sharmila mentioned that according to the reports, stated by the doctor, his body is having more uric acid, while the ketone levels have to reduce a lot. Today he will be given fluids and tomorrow he will be given semi-fluids. Till then he cannot eat anything specified doctors, said Sharmila.

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