Impending Danger Of Krishna Floods For Amaravathi

New Delhi: The inquiry at National Green Tribunal on the petition filed challenging the construction of capital city has been postponed to the 9th of September. The case had been postponed since a year now and final arguments happened under the supervision of a 4-member jury led by Justice Swatantra Kumar. Sanjay Parekh, the petitioners' lawyer had his arguments heard. He stated that if River Krishna or Kondaveeti Vagu had floods, the area suggested by the Government as the state's capital city would be affected. He reminded how certain areas like Srinagar, Uttarakhand, Ujjaini and Allahabad had suffered losses for being built on river banks.
Sanjay argued that AP Government had selected Amaravathi against the recommendations of Sivarama Krishnan committee, that had been formed to select place for capital city construction. He mentioned that the committee had actually specified the lands in that area as agriculture-friendly. He remarked that the petitioners were not against the construction of capital city, but the area selected for the purpose was not right. After hearing the argument, the jury had adjourned the inquiry to the 9th of September and the Government is going to argue on that day regarding the issue.
Capital against democracy
Prominent social activist Medha Patkar criticised that AP Government was constructing the new capital city against democracy. She attended the court on account of the argument on the petition filed in the National Green Tribunal regarding the construction. She commented that Chandrababu had acquired agriculturally rich lands for the construction of the capital. She warned about the impending problem of shortage of food. She complained that the farmers whose lands had been snatched had not been paid proper compensation till now. Medha also remarked that no steps had been taken for the conservation of environment.

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