Huge propaganda and advertising is only done for projects

The opposition party Leader, YS Jagan, bursted in anger and said that
Chandrababu Naidu is only doing huge advertising and propaganda about
projects and no way he is having positive intention or attitude to think
of any project. As a part of Farmer assurance yatra, on the fifth day,
Jagan visited places like Kottapalli and other nearby areas. He spoke to
the farmers and their families face to face and mentioned that, it is
only Babu's propoganda about the Handri Neeva Project and nothing is
fruitful about his work. He mentioned that during the reign of the YS
Rajashekhar Reddy, almost 85% of project work is almost done. Jagan
stated that, for the remaining pending project work, Chandrababu is
releasing funds in small amounts and not properly taking care about the
project. However, he is stating that the credit for the Handri Neeva
Project completion goes to TDP, which is a part of his propaganda.

bursted in anger and said that Babu, is deceiving the farmers and DWCRA
women in the name of schemes such as loan waiver which is nowhere
implemented. He also deceived the unemployed youth telling that
employment is assured for each family and fund will be provided to the
unemployed youth, which is clearly a trick. It's almost an year of this
TDP Government rule, still he is not speaking about these schemes at
all.  There is no new house given, no pension schemes for poor, no
ration cards for families till now, said Jagan. Unable to face the
drought, farmers and weavers are committing suicide, mentioned Jagan.

On one side the State is in this horrible situation, but on the other
side, Chandrababu is passing time lying. He also said that, instead of
feeling bad about the State, Babu is boasting and stating that there is
no suicide of farmers even heard and people are happy in their rule with
peace, which is shameful on his part.    

He mentioned that, there is serious drought in Anantapur district.
Farmers are  in a horrible situation and facing lot of problems. As they
could not tolerate the situations, most of the families of farmers are
moving to Bangalore, said Jagan Mohan Reddy. Jagan commented that,
Chandrababu Naidu will visit any farmer or do any favour when there is
publicity for him, if not he don't even look at that side. While Rahul
Gandhi never knew when he is going to be in this country or in any other
country, commented Jagan.

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