Hard times for the farmer

Since time immemorial, Andhra
Pradesh is said to be rice bowl of the country. Andhra rice is said to be  a favourite dish for all over the country. It
is  an age old addage that farmer is the
back bone of the country.

 In fact he must be given the highest priority
for needed help in allocations because he is the bread earner for the country.
If the farmer refuses  to cultivate, the
county  will be left with no food. 

Primarily many farmers through
out the country are robbed of their cultivated land in the name of SEZs.The
scenario of the farmer in Andhra Pradesh has been constantly deteriorating due
to this. The supply and distribution of good seeds, fertilisers is  always in doldrums. Despite Congress government's
promises for the welfare of the farmer like crop insurance etc, day in day out
, it never cared  to streamline sincerely
these two important distributions.

The farmer is constantly cheated
and supplied  fake seeds and
fertilisers  by the cunning people who
make quick buck.   Added to it , farmers
also duped by the brokers in selling their produce. Due to negligence of the
government  they do  no to get 
even their investment in return. These are additional vows to the
untimely rains which panic the farmer every year. These things are pushing the
farmer ultimately  to suicide.

Due to this only, news papers
carry every day the 'farmers' suicide' 
news mainly of the cotton farmers and also  of other farmers. The farmer constantly
suffers due to the lack of sufficient funds for investment and also for not
getting good returns on his produce.This situation is seen all over the country
but more prominent  in AP.

The present government never
cared to attend his  pleas for the supply
of good seeds, good fertilisers and good sales net work which help him  to live hopefully and comfortably.

Last year there is complete
famine situation in 878 mandals. There was croploss in 35 lakh hectares of
land. This year the cultivation of khariff extent got reduced to 2.5 lakh
hectares.There has been a near famine situation in the state again.Government
has already declared 878 mandals as famine regions .That means three fourths of
the state faces famine.

The days are  not far away when the farmer completely stops
cultivation. When there is a discussion on the famine situation of the state in
the assembly, there were only 65 members present in the assembly. That reflects
the callousness of the government.

When Mr. Chandra Babu was the
chief minister, he said that agriculture is a wasteful aaffair. But the same
one shredding crocodile tears for the farmers now. Almost all the oher parties
carry the same attitude towards agriculture and the farmer except YSR Congress
Party which constantly struggles to alleviate the his vows.

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