Harassment of the opposition is their target..!

Hyderabad:  The Telugu Desam Party from
the day after coming into power is working with the prime target of harassing
opposition. Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu and in his path all the Yellow members
are behaving rudely. Recently, attack on the family of Nagiri Municipal
Chairman is direct evidence of this attitude. 

Authorities are the
main culprits….YSR District is the example!

The Telugu Desam acted selfishly in the
appointment of officers in the districts that have MLAs of opposition parties.
It appointed authorities by choosing the ones who could harass the opposition
parties. For example, in YSR District, the public gave major support to YSRCP
by electing YSRCP members, keeping this in mind Chandra Babu appointed
controversial officer K.V.Ramana as Collector. This collector is not giving any
value & respect to the MLA’s and is insulting them. With this, none of the
issues & works concerning the public is getting resolved. The collector is
keeping on insulting MLA’s & MP’s and is also facing allegations that he is
working as per the instructions of CM Ramesh, TDP Rajyasabha Member.

Shamelessly taking
vengeance on the Bhuma family

As a part of MLC
elections, acts of vengeance on the family of Bhuma Reddy are taking place. The
police rounded his daughter, the young MLA, Akhila Priya, while she was waiting
near the polling booth. Concerned about his daughter, Bhuma nagi reddy questioned
the Police. Adding colours to this, police filed SC-ST atrocity case under law
and arrested and took him to jail. Despite the poor health condition of Bhuma
due to open-heart surgery and request to move him to Hyderabad, for his better
treatment was not accepted.  The District Superintendent of Police
openly mentioned in the press meet that the family will not be spared and in this
action the support given to TDP by police is clearly visible.

Commissioner in Nagari

While Roja was elected as MLA in Nagari of  Chittoor district and  K J Santi was elected as Municipality Chair
person from the party, Teleugu desam leaders started to create disturbance at
there.  To create disputes and as an act
of vengeance, a controversial officer was appointed as the Commissioner. This
is clear as the person, who was   appointed as Commissioner is not even
fulfilling the minimum eligibility criteria to become a commissioner. This
person is utilized for committing continuous attacks on the Municipal Chair
person and MLA Roja. The commissioner is supporting the act shamelessly, as
this is run by the MLC Muddu Krishna, who is taking control of the police
mechanism. The latest police attack happened can be considered in the same

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